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The iSOLATE501 builds on the performance from the industry proven iSOLATE500, providing galvanic isolation to protect against dangerous transients and making standard RF outputs intrinsically safe. The iSOLATE501 has been engineered for use with the iSOLATE-CT explosion proof connector transit.

The iSOLATE501 is designed to be used with Zone 1/ Division 1 explosion proof enclosures to ensure standard radio devices are intrinsically safe.

Our range of iSOLATE packages gives you the flexibility to customise the component setup for your hazardous area application. Find out more about our package options below.

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iSOLATE1000 Package

The iSOLATE1000 packages consists of the following:

  • 1x iSOLATE501
  • 1x iSOLATE CT

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iSOLATE1100 package

iSOLATE1100 Package

The iSOLATE1100 packages consists of the following standard products:

  • 1x iSOLATE501
  • 1x iSOLATE CT

Options to select within this package are:

  • 1x RF adaptor/cable between iSOLATE components. User to specify cable length1 or adaptor type for direct mounting2
  • 1x RF cable between iSOLATE501 and client wireless device. User to specify cable length1 and RF connection type for wireless device3
  • 1x fixing plate to mount 2x, 3x or 4x iSOLATE501

1 Different lengths available – 150mm, 300mm or 500mm

2 Straight or right-angle adaptors available

3 RF plugs available – SMA, RP-SMA, N Type, RP-TNC

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