inFRONT’s emergency readiness and response platform, AllClear, rapidly delivers actionable data to emergency responders at high hazard industrial facilities. Among a broad suite of functions that support the emergency response mission, AllClear uses the location information from Extronics’ tags to give incident commanders the ability to track emergency responders in the hot zone during an industrial emergency. AllClear accounts for 5 million people annually and is the platform of choice for mustering at many of the world’s largest chemical and refining companies.  Contact Within US – 800.256.2003 option 1 Outside US – 985.801.9200

Connecting Workers and Sensors for Safer, Smarter Factories Kiana’s hardware-agnostic platform makes connecting and managing any type of sensor easy, including WiFi, Bluetooth, UWB, GPS, and cameras. This allows energy and manufacturing companies to enhance productivity, minimize their safety and security risks, and improve their operations. Download a copy of the Kiana Brochure and use cases here. Watch Kiana’s 4 mins overview and demo video Click here to watch

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