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Extronics Inc. Welcomes a New Teammate!

Extronics is pleased to welcome Jessica Jordan to our Extronics Inc. team in Texas. Jessica brings years of experience working across many industries and has joined the team as a Sales Executive.  

Extronics is committed to serving our global customers in the best way possible. Jessica brings years of experience to help us continue on that journey and will greatly expand our customer support capabilities within the Americas.

I immediately felt a connection with the company values, the people, and the customer base after reading the posting.”

A short interview with our newest Extronics teammate…

What has been your career background up to this point?

Over the course of 14 years as an account manager, I have worked with end users, resellers, contractors, right up to the design phase with engineering consultant firms. I have represented manufacturers by selling uninterruptable power supplies into markets such as data centers, industrial oil and gas as well as onboard marine vessels.  I have also had a lot of experience cross-selling by teaming up with other vertical segments within the manufacturer’s organization to supply technical information and pricing for collaborative product bids.

What was it about Extronics that influenced your decision to apply for the role?

I immediately felt a connection with the company values, the people, and customer base after reading the posting. I began visualizing myself as part of the company and was excited to know more. After exploring the website, I discovered their manufacturing capabilities include UPS systems and, in that moment, I was instantly hooked.

How do you view the importance of having a local presence to Extronics customers in NA?

Extronics Inc having a presence in North America opens up the opportunity to connect with our diverse customer base. Often emails and phone calls are the go-to method of communication, but nothing tops face-to-face interaction for expanding brand awareness and strengthening customer relationships.

What benefit will Extronics Inc. offer existing and future customers?

In my short time with the company, I have seen that Extronics Inc holds true to our core values of Integrity, Innovation, Accountability, Teamwork, Customer care and ‘Can do’ for our customers. It is the last value of ‘Can Do’ that will benefit our customers the most, by helping to solve issues, explore new ideas, provide solutions, and deliver excellence worthy of our current and future customers.

How do you see your role as Sales Executive benefiting and supporting our customers?

The Sales Executive role has many aspects which varies just as much as the industries and customers who use our products. As such, my experience has given me a range of skills which means I can transition quickly and effectively between tasks with good communication, time management and genuine enthusiasm. I am passionate about providing each customer personalized, one to one service to better solve their problems while also helping them navigate the framework of our products. By understanding our customer needs, I can establish a connection that will build stronger relationships over time that will benefit both current and future customers.

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About Extronics

Founded in 1992, Extronics is a Hazardous Area IoT company with years of experience serving the process industries. We pride ourselves on understanding the requirements of each customer’s environment.

We specialise in developing and manufacturing ATEX, IECEx, and North American certified Wireless and RTLS equipment for use in hazardous areas, and rugged industrial products for harsh environments. We serve customers around the world from industries such as oil and gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, and mining.

We’re dedicated to delivering world-class products and solutions that help our customers work smart, safe, and connected.

For further information please contact:

Jessica Jordan | Sales Executive Americas | +1 281 721 0264 Jessica.jordan@extronics.com

Chris Sadler | VP Americas | +1 281 721 0264 chris.sadler@extronics.com

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