With over 20 years of experience in the hazardous area market, Extronics has long recognised the difficulties faced by companies who have operations within explosive environments.

A key difficulty is the issue of obtaining reliable moving and still images for reports, surveys, and monitoring requirements, without the risk of explosion. The Extronics Vision range provides a safe and high quality solution to this issue.

Digital Still Cameras

Traditionally, taking images in hazardous areas meant applying for hot work permits or grappling with highly expensive, bulky, and unwieldy Ex d cameras. Our customers told us there was a real need for a small, lightweight camera that could be used in all hazardous areas, including some Zone 0 environments. Thus, the iCAM50x range was born, the world’s first intrinsically safe digital cameras. Since its launch in 2009, the range has been a major success through its cost-effective ease of use and high build quality, revolutionising the use of photographs in hazardous areas.


For ongoing monitoring in hazardous areas, we provide the high specification Zone 1 CCTV camera, the iCAM100, as well explosion proof video monitors which can be deployed in ATEX & IECEx rated Zone 1 areas.


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