VAR Deal Registration

Only deals with a defined scope and timescale can be registered, and the deal must be with a verified end user rather than a sale to another VAR, reseller, system integrators, or consultancy company. Please submit your deal for registration using the form below; deal registration will be confirmed by Extronics within 10 working days.


  • Registration Form

VAR details
End user details
Project details

Extronics reserves the rights to:

1. Request additional information from the Partner to validate a deal registration, 2. Disqualify Deal Registration approvals or submissions, 3. Contact any Customer or Opportunity at any time with respect to our Products, 4. Exclude a Partner from participating in the Extronics Deal Registration program, 5. Disqualify a Deal Registration submission if it does not comply with the applicable conditions, 6. Validate any information provided by the Partner in a way Extronics deems reasonably necessary, 7. Reassign the Deal Registration to another Partner if the prospective Customer states that they have no intention to purchase from the Partner who holds the current Deal Registration


If you don’t have a password, please contact the Business Development Manager (BDM) for your region. Alternatively, email and our team will be happy to direct you to your local BDM.

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