We chose Extronics because of the quality of the product, compliance to specifications, competitive pricing, delivery within the given lead-time, and it met the requirements set by our customer. We also felt the sales and operations support from Extronics was good and helpful and we would happily work with their team again.

May LIM, Purchasing Department
Jason Electronics Ltd - 3rd April 2020

Extronics were fast to respond to our enquiry and the solution was exactly what we were looking for, we will use Extronics again in the future.

Marco Bettini
BeLabs srl - 2nd April 2020

My order was handled very well by Extronics. Moreover, we appreciated their quick response and support for the query raised by the client. Extronics handled the process very nicely and it has given us trust in their organisation. We would suggest Extronics products to our other clients in the future.

Jay Pawani
Trident National Enterprise LLC. - 1st April 2020

Great pricing and great customer service experience – Extronics even helped with paperwork and liaising with our shipper when the order was ready for pickup!

Ayo Oluwashakin
Adapco Oilfield Services - 18th February 2020

Our order was well-handled and we’re very satisfied with the service we received. I just wanted to try a new supplier and yes, it was worth it!

Ayobami Amos
Boch Systems - 11th January 2020

We use Extronics to supply the AeroScout RTLS. We received order confirmation promptly and delivery was on time. Of course, I’d use them again.

Fredy Gustin
Newtrax Technologies Inc - 5th January 2020

No issues at all – the Ops team even managed to expedite one of the enclosures earlier than the confirmed delivery time as a special request, which really helped us out!


Hayleigh Vincer
Russell Finex Ltd - 4th January 2020

Everything went well overall. I give them a 10 out of 10 – they replied quickly to my requests and provided answers to all the technical questions promptly.

Robert Havasi, Logistics Specialist
S&T Consulting Hungary - 6th December 2019

I was very pleased with Extronics’ service, the BDM was particularly helpful. Their products are well-suited to our field and I’d certainly use them again.

Pat Hoskins, Sales Engineer
Barcom - 7th November 2019

I chose Extronics because of their wireless expertise and experience in hazardous area products. I’d choose Extronics again for future projects, the level of support was good and they were very quick to respond.

Thomas Apfelthaler, Sales Manager
Bridging IT GmbH - 7th November 2019

The technical support was the most important thing for this particular enquiry. This was well received and I would use Extronics again.

Mr Bai Yi (Poet) Li, Director
Sanctity Corporation Ltd - 17th September 2019

I’ve used Extronics before and they offer the AeroScout RTLS that we wanted. Everything went very well and the service was good!

Gerald Deml, Production Manager
Viracon Inc - 21st August 2019

Overall, very good. Our engineers wanted to ensure the certification of the enclosure would not be affected if the customer was to replace an emergency stop button and this caused a little bit of a delay in the quoting process at the beginning, but I’d happily use them again.

Tom Jenkins
Calder Ltd - 3rd July 2019

I picked Extronics because they had the right product and could tailor it for our application. They replied promptly to my request and were very flexible. This was really helpful as it wasn’t an easy order and involved a lot of technical work.

Dr Yoann Lage, Product Development Lead
CorrosionRADAR - 25th June 2019

I chose Extronics as they supply AeroScout RTLS. I found them to be very helpful and I’d use them again as a supplier.

Lisa Atley
ABM Federal - 20th June 2019

I’ve known of Extronics for many years and wanted to try out the iRFID500. I was very happy with the result of our testing and satisfied with the product and service.

Pablo Rodriguez, Engineering Team Leader
Alizent - 20th June 2019

Communication was very open and quick, I was very satisfied and would use Extronics again.

Susie Anderson
Liquid PC - 15th May 2019

There were a few teething problems at the start with getting everything set up, but Extronics responded very smoothly. I would absolutely use them again – we were well looked after and the support was great.

Tanya Guseva
Production Equipment Ltd - 3rd April 2019

Extronics had the most suitable product for our application. There were no issues, the Extronics BDM was very supportive, and I’d definitely use them again.

Vishnu Mahesh, Senior Engineer
Care Incorporation - 9th February 2019

Our customer specified the Extronics RTLS. It was easy and uncomplicated to work with Extronics and I’d be happy to use them again as a supplier.

Carlo Ricchetti
DV Signage - 6th February 2019

The most important thing for me is that our technical and compliance requirements are met. Overall it was a very good experience, the Extronics BDM supported the project very well.

Abhishek Gupta, AVP Technology
CSI Computech - 9th January 2019

10/10 and 5 stars – quick and accurate response, quality product!

Erhan Kayalar
Botas International General Directorate - 8th January 2019

Everything was handled well, Extronics met all our expectations and our enquiry was dealt with quickly. I’d definitely use them again

Matt Behrens, Network Administrator
Michael Foods Inc - 12th December 2018

Our end user requested Extronics, and overall we had a very good experience with them – no problems whatsoever!

Steve Goulet, Manager
Chess Controls Inc - 11th December 2018

I visited Extronics for MobileView Technical Training, which was well structured. They even included bespoke training for our specific requirements!

Ronan O’Carroll, Engineer
Seagate Technology - 20th November 2018

I’ve always been happy with Extronics’ service – no need to look elsewhere!

Mona Miihkinen, Production Manager
Creowave Oy - 13th October 2018

My previous supplier wasn’t giving me the overall service I needed. I’m happier with Extronics!

Heikki Haavisto, Business Development Manager
Turck Vilant Systems Oy - 20th September 2018

Everything was handled really well. Quote received promptly and when technical questions were asked, they were answered very quickly.

Mart Jogi, Industrial Manager
Saint-Gobain Glass - 11th September 2018

We’ve used Extronics for years. On this occasion, a lot of technical assistance was required and the Extronics engineer provided great support.

Kara Masterson, Purchasing Manager
Survitec Group - 15th August 2018

Extronics was recommended by a colleague. Their service was 10/10, no issues!

Martin Hagedorn, Managing Director
North-Western Phosphorous Company - 8th August 2018

I chose Extronics as a supplier for their technical capability, and they handled my order in a timely manner.

Andrea Buckley, Sr Procurement Co-ordinator
Thermo Scientific Environmental & Process Monitoring - 5th July 2018

The whole experience was really positive. Even though there were challenges, Extronics were customer-focused and delivered a great service. I’d absolutely use them again!

Benny Birbaum, CEO
Israeli Avionic Industry - 24th April 2018

Fast, responsive and very helpful. I made a mistake about my hotel, and the Extronics team dealt with the wrong hotel to send my delivery to the correct hotel. I was very pleased with that.

Mauro Cavina
Brazil Marine Surveyors - 23rd December 2017

The Extronics team are reliable and a pleasure to work with and we feel confident with our work relationship.

Richard Nygate, Director of Sales & Marketing
Gentay Pte. Ltd - 11th November 2017

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