Wireless Networking

Digitise your site for better communication, improved efficiency, and increased safety.

  • use the latest Wi-Fi technology
  • certified for use in hazardous areas
  • leverage your wireless network for variety of applications
Use equipment from leading wireless vendors

We’ve created a wireless access point enclosure system, the iWAP107, that enables you to deploy non-certified Wi-Fi technology in hazardous areas safely. With iSOLATE501 RF isolation, the antenna outputs are made instrinsically safe, and explosion proof iSOLATE-CTs mean you can easily swap antennas by hand – without having to power down the equipment or get a Hot Work Permit.

Future proof

The design of the iWAP107 means that unit deployed in the field can actually be upgraded to hold the latest Wi-Fi access points without having to be re-certified – meaning that you can upgrade your network without having to pay the installation and cabling costs again.

Leverage for other applications

Improve the ROI of your wireless network by using it for multiple applications and improve operations throughout your site, such as communications, data analysis, and real-time location of personnel and assets.

  • lower maintenance costs compared to cabled networks
  • improve worker safety
  • quicker communications
  • streamline processes
  • increase efficiency
  • reduce wastage
Wireless Networking overview


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