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Real Time Location System (RTLS)

Worker Location Tracking and Asset Management

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For companies operating in hazardous areas, being able to accurately locate personnel and assets in real time improves worker safety, increases productivity and reduces lost time. Extronics Real Time Location System (RTLS) solution is individually tailored to suit your application, using these basic building blocks:

  • Active RFID tags
  • Tag Exciters
  • Software
  • Wireless access points

The exact components may vary, depending on the type of site, size of project, and required system capabilities – for example, man down alerting or tightly defined location accuracy. Extronics tags and tag exciters are available in ATEX, IECEx and North American hazardous area certified models as well as industrial models, so you can use the same system across the whole of your site safely.

Smart, Safe, Connected

Extronics is a global provider of AeroScout products and solutions for industrial customers.

How it Works

Choose Your Tag

Picking a location tag that is right for your use case is critical. Extronics offers a range of hazardous area RTLS tags designed to meet the most challenging of use cases in the harshest of environments. Choose from Zone 1 WiFi RFID tags, such as the iTAG100 through to site wide location tracking tags that use multiple location technologies, such as the iTAG X30.

Tag Readers

Extronics tag exciters use LF to trigger tags as they pass through, go into or out of a tightly defined area (e.g., a chokepoint, egress/entrance point, room, sub-room, bridge, stairwell). This means that tag exciters help our RTLS pinpoint the exact location of people or assets and even raise alarms if needed.


The MobileView visibility platform enables you to track, locate, monitor and manage your assets and personnel from a single platform. With purpose-built applications for personnel and asset management, evacuation monitoring and condition monitoring, MobileView is an advanced end-user application for Real-Time Visibility Solutions.

Learn More About MobileView

MobileView integrations

Two Way Integrations

IoT and software integrations are a key part of any RTLS application. MobileView allows customers to send their data to a third-party platform of their choosing. 

In addition, the optional Generic Gateway module allows customers to integrate data from third-party applications, such as assets being tracked by technologies like GPS or UWB, into MobileView.

Contact Us | MobileView Visibility Software


Wireless Access Points

Extronics has partnered with leading wireless vendors to ensure that their wireless networks are compatible with the Extronics RTLS solutions. Examples of compatible networks include Cisco, Aruba, Aerohive, Extreme Networks, HP Networking, Huawei, ProSoft, Rajant, Ruckus, Siemens and many more.

If your application involves hazardous areas, Extronics’ iWAP range of hazardous area wireless enclosure systems enable you to deploy your choice of wireless network throughout your site.

Learn more about our wireless solutions


iTAG X-Range

Worker Location Tag With Hybrid Technology

Extronics is proud to introduce the all new iTAG X-Range of worker location tags. Building on the success of the iTAG X30 platform, Extronics iTAG X-Range features the all new X10 and X20 models.

Learn More

Features and Benefits

Worker Safety

Inefficiency and risk often stem from a lack of knowledge. Extronics RTLS solutions provide real-time information about the location of workers, as well as data on their wellbeing, to give you the knowledge you need to make the right decisions in a timely manner.

Man Down

Extronics iTAG X-Range has a built-in accelerometer to detect if a person has fallen from height. If the person is unconscious and unable to press the emergency call button an automatic emergency response event is sent to MobileView to inform first responders of their location.

Automatic Mustering

In an evacuation scenario, personnel are mustered to specific gathering points where the Evacuation Monitoring application automatically monitors which workers have reached safety as they arrive – and can also detect if a worker should leave the muster point. Quickly identify non-mustered workers and send help directly to their current location to speed up response times.

Social Distancing & Contact Tracing

Proximity alerts ensure all personnel maintain a safe working distance. Extronics Location Selector (ELS) software allows you to act quickly and minimise downtime. Users can run reports from the ELS to see who an infected individual has been in contact with and for how long.


Contractors and visitors are often unaware of security procedures or hazards requiring extra attention. Extronics worker location solutions track contractors across your site, giving you added visibility, accountability and increased security.


Ensuring personnel are where they need to be when they need to be there, can save time and money. Extronics RTLS solutions is supported by custom reporting via the MobileView platform to improve processes and workflows.

Example Use Cases


During a turnaround it is not unusual for a site to have hundreds or thousands of additional subcontracted workers on site. Tracking the location of the increased work force is important for worker safety, accountability, security and efficiency. Extronics RTLS solutions has a proven track record in supporting customers with turnarounds. Our Eco-system partners allow customers to rent tags for the duration of their turnaround, providing a more cost-effective solution for the duration of the turnaround. Find out more about our Eco-system partners below.

Tag Rental Partners   

Automatic Mustering and Evacuation Monitoring

In the event of an emergency, it is essential personnel are accounted for quickly and safely. Extronics RTLS solutions provide automatic mustering of all personnel during an evacuation scenario. Missing personnel can be quickly identified to inform rescue operations and avoid confusion when decisive action is required. Read more about how a major oil and gas company used the Extronics RTLS solution to improve their mustering and evacuation procedure.

Case Study

Critical Area Management

With so many different people entering a site throughout a typical year, it is important that security is kept to a high standard. Extronics RTLS tags have built in access control capability to ensure unauthorised personnel do not enter sensitive or hazardous areas. High Frequency (HF) RFID chips are integrated into the worker location tags or as part of an access card to provide access control and reduce the number of items personnel need to carry.

Talk to our team of experts today and see how Extronics RTLS solutions can help you. 

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RTLS Buyers Guide

RLTS Buyers Guide

This guide is designed to help you decide on the best RTLS option for your application. It looks at the main environmental and operational challenges facing the process industries and highlights key technologies used to address the ranges of challenges present on site.

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Maintenance & Support

To make sure you remain fully operational, we offer a Maintenance & Support Plan with every solution. Each plan includes technical support from our trained engineers and access to the latest product updates for the best performance.

Learn more about our Maintenance & Support services

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