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  • access to new industrial markets
  • sometimes no requirement for additional hazardous area certification
  • support from our expert engineers
  • integrate with market-leading technology
Wireless deployment in hazardous areas

We’ve designed a universal enclosure system that enables standard Wi-Fi equipment to be used in hazardous areas safely. Benefit from our experience in this field to deliver your equipment to hazardous area customers without the need to secure your own certification.

Zone 1 Wireless Deployment System

A variety of enclosure types and sizes are available to suit equipment needing Zone 1 protection. From a screwed lid enclosure of 13cm x 13cm to a hinged unit measuring  96cm x 66cm – we have the flexibility needed for almost all solutions.  With Extronics’ in-house engineering and design capacity together with the unique iSOLATE501 RF isolator technology, we can extend the market reach of your wireless equipment.

Zone 2 Wireless Deployment System

For those requiring the more limited protection of Zone 2, we have a 316L Stainless Steel system. This provides protection to IP66 standard and is additionally coated against salt spray, ideal for rigs and other harsh and corrosive environments.

Safe Area Deployment

With the revolutionary iSOLATE501 from Extronics, it is also possible to site the wireless equipment in a suitable safe area and deploy standard antennas in the hazardous area.

Tracking technology

Our AeroScout T3i integration tag was specifically designed to be incorporated into OEM equipment.  You can easily add active RFID technology to your products, meaning that your equipment can be tracked within the market-leading MobileView software. Get real-time visibility to streamline business processes and improve operational efficiency.

MobileView 5.1, the latest version of the platform, includes an optional Generic Gateway module that enables location technologies like UWB or GPS to be tracked within MobileView alongside the AeroSocut active RFID tags. A customer can get true site-wide visibility of all of there assets across multiple technologies.


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