Zone 1 UPS System for Offshore Oil Platform case study

February 10, 2014

Zone 1 UPS System for Offshore Oil Platform case study

An operator of offshore platforms engaged Extronics to design and build provide an ATEX Zone 1 UPS System for use on an offshore oil platform.

The request to Extronics was for an ATEX Zone 1, Gas group IIB UPS system with an IP66 rating as this was to be installed on an offshore oil platform.

The customer required Zone 1 UPS Systemthe un-interruptible power supply (UPS) to deliver 220VAC, 60Hz into a load of 500W for a minimum of 30 minutes.

Extronics provided a system consisting of an EEx ‘e’ battery enclosure, Ex d battery charger/ inverter enclosure and an Ex e connection enclosure.

When AC power was available the unit would charge a bank of lead acid batteries and when the AC power failed the system provided by Extronics would switch over to 24V battery power supply and this was inverted to 220VAC, 60Hz for powering a HMI Unit.

The system was delivered to the customer fully assembled with all cable and glands.



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