AeroScout case study – Viracon manufacturing WIP throughput

September 4, 2008

AeroScout case study – Viracon manufacturing WIP throughput

Leading glass fabricator Viracon used AeroScout technology to track manufacturing WIP throughput, increasing output and reducing waste.


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Case study overview

The leading US glass fabricator, Viracon, has manufacturing facilities in Minnesota, Georgia, and Utah. Their production process requires transporting work-in-progress (WIP) glass to different stations within their facilities, around 500,000 square feet in size. Manual searches for glass carriers were taking too long, so production was delayed and workers’ time wasn’t used effectively.

Previously, they tried a barcode scanning system but the speed at which the glass carriers moved made it hard to keep up. If someone missed a scan, finding the carrier in question was difficult.

Viracon were having to reproduce glass from lost carriers to fulfil orders, creating wastage and further delays as well as increasing costs.


Customer requirements

  • An asset visibility solution that works in harsh industrial environments
  • Search time of less than 2 minutes
  • Open APIs for integration to factory inventory management systems and applications
  • Tags mounted on glass carriers must withstand shocks and vibration as carriers tend to bump
    against other carriers and walls
  • Long tag battery life of more than 5 years to reduce system maintenance overhead
  • Low total cost of ownership that minimises installation costs, recurring costs and leverages the
    existing Cisco Wi-Fi (802.11) unified network infrastructure
  • Rapid deployment with no disruptions to on-going production


Solution highlights

  • AeroScout T2-EB active RFID tags mounted on over 5,000 glass carriers
  • leveraging their existing Cisco Wi-Fi network
  • MobileView software displays real time location of each carrier, fully searchable
  • automated inventory reports for location and production status for each order


Solution benefits

  • Increased productivity and manufacturing throughput
  • Eliminate reproduction of “lost” shop orders
  • Increased margins and reduced scrap
  • Real-time visibility of all shop orders
  • Leverage Wi-Fi infrastructure
  • Rugged, long-life solution
  • Easy access to information from everywhere


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