AeroScout case study – City Link logistics

July 24, 2008

AeroScout case study – City Link logistics

Delivery industry leader City Link uses the AeroScout visibility system to track the location of 22,000 roll cages as part of a logistics solution.


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Case study overview

Success in the highly competitive express delivery industry depends on knowing the accurate location of items. To provide a reliable, on-time service, City Link has turned to AeroScout technology to track their transport cages and provide real time location information.

With 73 local control centres as well as a national hub near Birmingham, UK, City Link use over 15,000 roll cages in which to transport the packages and prevent damage. If a roll cage is not available, the shipping process can be delayed – a critical mistake.

With up to 200 vehicles arriving at the main hub at a time, keeping track of the roll cages is a huge project. That’s where AeroScout comes in.


Customer requirements

  • Automated inventory of cages at any branch location
  • Real-time updating of the location of cages as they arrive or depart a location
  • Minimal infrastructure needed to operate the solution
  • Any device being used for tracking should be rugged, long-lasting and not interfere or add to everyday processes
  • Provide a centralised system that could be managed from one location, but accessed from each individual facility


Solution highlights

AeroScout worked with JDH Consultancy to deliver a Wi-Fi based active RFID cage management solution to suit City Link’s needs.


Solution benefits

  • Real-time visibility
  • Automated inventory
  • Minimal infrastructure
  • Rugged, long-life solution
  • Unlimited upside scalability
  • Easy access to information from everywhere


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