Maintenance & Support

Extronics Advance installations use AeroScout technology to provide customers with business-critical improvements to safety, efficiency, and productivity.

To make sure you remain fully operational, we offer a Maintenance & Support Plan with every solution.

  • Technical support from trained engineers, whenever you need it
  • Access to the latest product updates for the best performance
  • Rapid exchange of defective hardware to keep you operational


Technical support whenever you need it

The Maintenance & Support Plan gives you a hotline to our experienced team of engineers, to assist you with any issues or questions. You can reach the team by telephone, email, or online.

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Get the latest product updates

We’re continually developing Extronics Advance products to add new features and improve performance. With an active Maintenance & Support Plan, you’ll jump to the head of the queue to get your hands on the latest updates.


Stay operational

We’ll also replace any defective equipment as a priority; we understand how important it is to keep operations running smoothly.


What products does the Maintenance & Support Plan cover?

Maintenance & Support Plans are designed to support our customers with AeroScout products and solutions, whether they were originally purchased from Extronics Advance, or from AeroScout Industrial prior to October 2015.

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How do I get a Maintenance & Support Plan?

Maintenance & Support Plans are available on an annual basis.

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