T3i PCB Integration Tag

The T3i integration tag is specifically designed for partners, enabling the use of Extronics Advance location technology. Add usability, dependability, and scalability, as well as flexibility to enable a wide variety of valuable applications for many industries to streamline business processes and improve operational efficiency.

  • Designed for technology partners – add Extronics Advance technology to your products
  • Robust serial interface allows wireless data backhaul or a variety of use cases
  • Suitable for use in wide range of industries and environments
Compact board design

The T3i is an unenclosed tag that functions in the same way as the T3 tag does. Due to its compact design it can be easily embedded into other product enclosures.

Call button interface

The tag includes an interface for call button input. In addition, the tag includes another I/O which can be customized for external control for multiple purposes.

Serial interface for telemetry

A serial interface connector is integrated for connecting with a host unit for receiving telemetry transmission, or for extracting

one of 15 stored 15-byte messages in the tag’s memory.

Simple board management

The T3i can be programmed via a wireless interface using the Tag Manager software, allowing for easy and efficient tag configuration, activation, deactivation and programming.

Indoor-outdoor reliability

The T3i tag functions seamlessly and accurately in any environment. This means that the same tag can track and manage assets in real time across a variety of industries and needs, from aerospace manufacturers tracking parts in an aircraft hangar, to sensitive sites monitoring visitors across an indoor/outdoor campus, to automotive distributors tracking cars in large parking lots.

Wi-Fi compatibility and non-interference

T3i Tags are 802.11-compatible, and feature the lowest impact on the Wi-Fi network of any tag on the market. The Tag’s channel sensing techniques avoid interference with over-the-air Wi-Fi data. The use of the 2.4GHz frequency band at low power levels ensures no interference with other wireless equipment and virtually no measurable impact on network traffic.