T3 Advanced Wi-Fi Tag

The T3 Tag is the most advanced Wi-Fi Tag on the market; a small, battery-powered wireless device for accurately locating and tracking any asset or person. The T3 Tag combines a streamlined, flat form factor with long battery life, advanced functionality and high flexibility, resulting in the most advanced tag available for all asset and people tracking needs, delivering cost savings, improved business processes, enhanced safety, and heightened operational efficiency.

  • Flat, compact form factor
  • 2 call buttons for status and alert reporting
  • Advanced tamper-proofing mechanism
  • Leverages standard Wi-Fi infrastructure
  • Long battery life
Small, convenient size

The low-profile credit card-sized tag can be placed on nearly any asset without interfering with normal operations.

The unobtrusive form factor easily attaches to a variety of equipment and is ideal for use with people.


The T3 tag includes an advanced tamper-proofing mechanism for security and theft prevention, triggering an immediate alert if it is removed or tampered with in any way.

Call button messaging and LED indicators

The T3 tag includes two fully configurable call buttons, enabling advanced functionality such as emergency reporting, parts replenishment, or triggering alarms based on the press of a button.

Long battery life

Replaceable batteries provide up to four years of battery life. The Tag automatically reports its battery level for timely replacement. The T3 Tag can also be automatically activated or deactivated in the field, and can utilize the built-in motion sensor to extend battery power even further.

Wi-Fi compatibility and non-interference

T3 Tags are 802.11-compatible, and feature the lowest impact on the Wi-Fi network of any tag on the market. The Tag’s channel sensing techniques avoid interference with over-the-air Wi-Fi data.

Tag management

T3 Tags are easily configured and activated wirelessly via the Tag Management Suite, which includes a Tag Activator device and Tag Management software.

Seamless indoor-outdoor reliability

Extronics Advance tags function seamlessly and accurately in any environment. This means that the same tag can track and manage assets in real time across a variety of industries and needs, from aerospace manufacturers tracking parts in an aircraft hangar, to sensitive sites monitoring visitors across an indoor/outdoor campus, to automotive distributors tracking cars on a lot.

Chokepoint detection

Using Extronics Advance AeroScout Exciters, distinct tag presence can be automatically detected and behaviour modified as the tag passes through a choke-point, such as a doorway or gate. This includes turning tags on/off, or changing tag transmission rates. In addition, choke-points enable precise real-time alerts via the MobileView software.

Flexible mounting and usage

The Tag’s small size and weight and convenient form allow mounting on a variety of assets and people. Mounting accessories include personnel badge clips, adhesives and a sturdy mounting plate.