T2L Wi-Fi Active RFID Tag with Multi-LED visual indication

The T2L multi-LED tag is a variation of the market leading Wi-Fi T2 tag with two extra LEDs and a transparent case so you can visually identify assets quickly and easily, in real time.

  • Reduce human error
  • Improve production throughput
  • Shorter search times
  • More on-time deliveries
  • Better customer satisfaction
  • Decreased costs
Visual indicating

The T2L multi-LED tag has two extra LEDs within a clear casing, soon you can see the lights easily. Use the MobileView software to search for an asset and make its associated tag light up (blink), so workers can identify the right asset straight away.

Wi-Fi compatibility

T2L Tags use any standard Wi-Fi network infrastructure, keeping costs low and making deployments simple and fast as well as improving ROI of existing WLAN. The tags can be used to determine the location and status of mobile assets and people, and their wireless messages are received by Wi-Fi access points.

Chokepoint detection

Combined with our Exciters, T2L Tags provide instant notification when a tagged asset or person passes through a chokepoint such as a gate, doorway or other tightly-defined area. Tag behaviour can also be automatically modified when passing through a chokepoint, such as activating/deactivating tags, or changing transmission rates to accommodate different usage scenarios.

Long battery life

The T2L Tag has a single, user-replaceable battery. The tag provides a report on its battery level for timely battery replacement. The T2L Tag also has a motion sensor to conserve battery life when the tag is not in motion.

Tag programmability and storage

Up to 15 messages of 15 bytes each can be programmed onto the T2L Tag. The messages can be programmed using the Tag Management Suite or on the go when the tag is in proximity to an exciter. These messages can be transmitted and received wirelessly.