iVID101 Explosion Proof Video Monitor

The iVID101 is a video monitor suitable for use in hazardous areas, which can be connected to various types of video input signals.

  • ATEX Zone 1 certified
  • Connect directly to CCTV cameras or video signals in hazardous areas
  • Highly rugged for use in industrial environments
High quality colour display

The iVID101 has a 12.1 TFT LCD display and a large viewing window, so video input can be watched easily.

Multiple signal inputs

With automatic input signal detection, the iVID101 can display images from various inputs, such as VGA, composite video (PAL/NTSC), and S-Video.

Power CCTV systems

A 24VDC power output is available to power the iCAM100 camera or alternative types of equipment including other manufacturers’ CCTV cameras.

Easy installation

Use the buttons mounted inside the enclosure for advanced picture quality setup during commissioning. The iVID101 is designed to fit with your application and can be wall, panel, or skid mounted for maximum flexibility.

Fully rugged

The aluminium enclosure is flameproof and IP66 to cope with the harshest environments.


Extronics’ team of experienced engineers can also provide solutions to customise the iVID101 with such features as the inclusion of video multiplexing for full and quad screen views as well as the addition of push buttons for pan, tilt, and zoom controls.

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