How it works

Each solution is built from our selection of ‘basic building blocks’ and is individually tailored to suit your application. The exact components may vary, depending on the type of site, size of project, and particular desired capabilities – for example, man down alerting or tightly defined location accuracy.

The basic building blocks for AeroScout solutions are:

  • Active RFID tags
  • Wireless access points
  • Tag Exciters
  • Software

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Process Industry RTLS: an overview

Wireless access points

AeroScout systems use standard Wi-Fi networks as a core infrastructure. All wireless visibility solutions require infrastructure devices, or readers, in order to pass wireless signals from tags or sensors to the network. We use Wi-Fi, which acts as this reader network and can also be used to improve other business processes and enable Internet of Things connectivity.

We have partnered with leading WLAN equipment vendors to integrate their industry-leading Enterprise Networking products with our Wi-Fi-based Active RFID tags and software. Using these partners’ wireless access points as wireless readers, organisations can locate and track their assets and people with AeroScout tags and software using a single, unified wireless network for data, voice, and location services.

If your application involves hazardous areas, Extronics iWAP range of wireless access point enclosures enable deployment of the latest access points to provide this network.

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Tag Exciters

Tag exciters use LF to trigger tags as they pass through, go into or out of a tightly-defined area (e.g. a chokepoint, egress/entrance point, room, sub-room, bridge, stairwell) to transmit a message that is received by standard Wi-Fi Access Points indicating their precise location.

Active RFID tags

Active RFID tags contain their own batteries and transmit their ID signal at regular intervals, without needing external prompting.


Web-based, MobileView is the industry’s most advanced end-user application for Real-time Visibility Solutions, adding a critical layer of business logic automation to all of an enterprise’s location, status, and condition data. Turning the information gathered from tags via the Wi-Fi network into real business solutions; delivering sophisticated mapping, rules-based alerting, and reporting functions in a scalable, proven software platform.


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