In an industry where efficiency is key, Extronics Advance location solutions can significantly increase their production throughput, improve on time delivery, reduce cycle times, improve dispatch compliance, and drive lean manufacturing.

Fab operators spend valuable time manually searching for thousands of wafer lots each day in order to transport them between the different workstations and tools. Real time tracking of in-process wafer lots and valuable equipment such as reticles and test equipment provides the exact location of wafer lots on racks and reduces the search time of each lot from several minutes to less than one minute. Blinking lights on the location tags direct the operator straight to what he needs, so no time is wasted and the manufacturing schedule is kept on track.

Our solutions can help you track containers, components, equipment and materials that are constantly moving between buildings, suppliers, warehouses, fabs, and assembly shops to improve traceability and ensure items arrive at their correct destination.


Extronics Advance offers the market-leading real-time visibility solution for automotive manufacturers (assembly halls, rework halls, test halls), automotive suppliers, and sales and service organisations (distribution centres) worldwide.

Track the accurate location and status of valuable assets such as car frames, modules, containers, semi-finished, and finished vehicles – plus monitor workcell idle time, create inventory reports, and improve traceability. Our customers have reported dramatic cycle time reductions, fewer assembly disruptions, improved resource efficiency, and increased overall throughput and profitability.


Extronics Advance offers the industry’s most advanced visibility solution for manufacturers of commercial and military aviation, jet engines, and maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) service providers. Aerospace production includes a huge number of high value parts and tools dispersed over large scale sites, and difficulties in locating these often mean delays in output or the need to re-purchase components – both of which lead to increased costs and dissatisfied customers.

Extronics Advance solutions locate assets without manual searching, reducing costs and improving productivity. Additional information to aid compliance can also be easily recorded and saved as audit trails without manual logging – such as the temperature conditions of materials, connecting pins, and more for FAA regulations. Customers can significantly reduce turnaround times, eliminate manufacturing disruptions, improve operations efficiency, and increase overall throughput and profitability.


With assets constantly moving between facilities, suppliers, warehouses, and parking lots, Extronics Advance solutions enable you to keep track of shipped items and receive notifications of arrival or departure – improve traceability and ensure items get to the right destination. Environmental monitoring such as temperature and humidity readings ensure that items travel and arrive in the right condition.

Glass Manufacturing

In glass manufacturing, thousands of glass carriers transport glass between cutting, tempering, coating, and lamination stations throughout large industrial hangars. Workers spend valuable time manually searching for thousands of glass carriers each day in order to transport them between the different stations. Extronics Advance provides a Wi-Fi-based solution that can accurately track glass carriers on the shop floor and reduce the search time of each carrier from several minutes to less than one minute.

The benefits of real-time asset visibility include dramatically reducing search time for glass carriers, eliminating reproduction of lost or misplaced glass, improving operations and labour productivity, and increasing overall throughput and profitability.

Tyre Manufacturing

As demand increases, tyre manufacturers are set out to remove bottlenecks and delays in the production process to increase throughput. Inefficient management of inventory of thousands of carriers can cause unnecessary idle time and setups.

Extronics Advance solutions help operators quickly find and deliver materials and tire components to the right station according to customer orders and optimal manufacturing schedules. As a result, tyre manufacturers can reduce delays and production stoppages, minimise idle time of machines and significantly increase daily throughput.

Heavy Equipment Manufacturing

Heavy equipment manufacturers may lack real-time visibility of the number of units produced on the manufacturing line and their progress within the different departments. Continuous visibility of the manufacturing progress within each department and stage enables you to identify and analyse bottlenecks. Real-time alerts ensure that manufactured equipment does not exceed time limits at certain departments or stages, and wireless parts replenishment devices enable a simple yet cost effective means for placing requests. As a result, significant reduction in cycle times is achieved along with reduction in overtime due to efficient replenishment.


Petrochemicals is a relatively young part of the chemical industry, but one with considerable need for hazardous area certified equipment to ensure the safety of workers, due to the extreme temperatures and pressure required for the production process. The high energy consumption also means that production needs to be as efficient as possible to reduce costs. Extronics offers a range of solutions to increase productivity, maximise efficiency, and safeguard workers to maintain profitability.

Other Industries We Serve

AeroScout solutions have also been successfully deployed in additional industries, such as high tech, food, cruise shipping, and energy.

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