STANLEY Healthcare and Extronics invest in long-term relationship

STANLEY Healthcare and Extronics have signed a new multi-year partnership agreement, building on the foundations laid in our global distribution agreement in October 2015.

This new agreement positions Extronics as the exclusive provider of AeroScout products and solutions to global customers in industrial markets, including oil and gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, mining, and more.

Stanley Healthcare and Extronics logosOur CEO, John Hartley, says, “I’m absolutely delighted to formalise this long-term relationship in a landmark agreement that will mutually benefit our companies and our customers. This is a key part of Extronics’ next phase of growth in the years to come, as the industrial market digitalises their operations and worker safety increases in importance.”

We’ve worked with the AeroScout technology since 2005; our expertise with both the technology and in hazardous areas and industrial environments enables us to help guide STANLEY Healthcare’s development in RTLS hardware and software. We’re also investing heavily in our own R&D, creating new RTLS products designed specifically to suit industrial applications and leveraging STANLEY Healthcare’s RTLS platform.

“We’re not only investing in the technology, but also in the manpower to provide world-class support,” says Phil Walker, our COO. “This agreement serves as an endorsement of our Technical Services team, which provides global support and services coverage to non-healthcare customers up to and including 24/7 assistance.”

To support our growing numbers of RTLS customers, we’re expanding our Sales Partner system into a global Certified VAR network, providing local knowledge and support to deliver great customer service internationally. We look forward to continuing to provide our industrial customers with RTLS solutions for worker safety and asset management that are tailored to suit their applications and drive value for their business.

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