Extronics announce new UK sales partner, Eolas Technology

Extronics are pleased to announce a partnership with Eolas Technology, who will provide our UK customers in the process industries with sales and support from 1st March 2017.

Who are Eolas?
Eolas Technology (formerly known as DP Instrumentation) was established in 1987 and specialises in providing solutions to the process industries in the UK. Extronics has enjoyed a very successful relationship with its sister company in Ireland, Hanley Measurement & Control, and believes Eolas Technology are the ideal partner to support our UK customers. Eolas are hugely experienced in helping customers deploy hazardous area and industrial equipment, and highly knowledgeable about Extronics’ products and solutions.

What products will they offer?
Eolas will provide a high level of customer service across the UK for our wireless, vision, and tracking product lines.

What will Extronics continue to offer?
Extronics will continue to provide direct sales and support for our engineering products and Extronics Advance RTLS solutions, with our knowledgeable in-house Technical Support and Engineering teams.

We look forward to working with Eolas.

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