New iBATT5xx series

We were receiving requests to support longer and longer back-up times, so we created the iBATT5xx series.

Extronics are highly experienced in providing back-up power to customers for critical equipment such as uninterruptible power supplies.

iBATT5xx Zone 1 battery enclosureThe iBATT5xx is a range of ATEX certified universal battery enclosures available in your choice of size, battery type, and can be adapted from 25Ah to 1700Ah capacity. They can also be deployed in series to give you increased voltage. An iBATT5xx is fully tailored to your requirements so your application can be fulfilled without over-specifying and paying more.

We can also supply you with a battery protection board, enabling you to charge the iBATT5xx in the hazardous area and giving you greater flexibility.

Just tell us what you need to power, and our specialist engineering team will put together the most practical yet cost-effective solution that’s right for your application.

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