New Zone 1 barcode scanner range now available

Managing your inventory and tracing assets can be a laborious and time-consuming process, especially in hazardous areas.

Extronics offer a cost-effective solution to help you out; the new iSCAN range of intrinsically safe barcode scanners.

iSCAN2xxEnable your staff to work smart; the iSCAN range’s rapid scan rate records information quickly and efficiently. Light enough to be easily carried around yet rugged enough to withstand being dropped onto concrete, the iSCAN range provides a practical way to improve productivity whilst reducing the risk of errors.

ATEX and IECEx Zone 1 certified, the iSCAN range can be safely used in hazardous areas. The wide scan line and good read range makes it easy to scan barcodes in awkward and hard to reach locations, saving time and allowing workers to maintain a safe distance.

The iSCAN range can connect with your current systems to give you better oversight of your operations, and can also be used with smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth. Fully scalable, it’s available in several different options, giving you the flexibility to choose the version that’s best suited for your application.

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