Personnel and Asset Tracking

For companies operating in hazardous areas, being able to accurately locate personnel and assets is of particular importance.

All Extronics tracking solutions are designed to dramatically improve worker safety, production efficiency and asset management.

AeroScout Real Time Visibility Solutions

Extronics’ wireless expertise provides the framework for the delivery of a range of real time location solutions based on active Radio Frequency Identification, more commonly known as RFID.

Extronics’ enterprise visibility solutions use standard Wi-Fi networks to accurately locate and manage assets and people in a wide variety of hazardous process environments, from offshore production rigs to chemical plants. The system includes indoor and outdoor real-time asset location (RTLS), long range active RFID, choke-point visibility, and telemetry; all enabling customers in numerous industries to drive revenues and cut costs.

Passive RFID Tracking Solutions

Low cost, passive RFID has historically struggled to perform in hazardous areas such as the petrochemical industry because of interference from metals and liquids and the heavy, awkward nature of available readers. Not any more: Extronics provides a range of fully certified passive RFID tags that are low-cost and high performance in industrial environment, and versatile RFID reader options for maximum operational flexibility and integration with Industrial Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 systems. These passive solutions allow customers to track assets and manage their supply chain with high accuracy.

Barcode and image scanning

Efficient asset management is a key requirement for successful operations; Extronics offer the iSCAN range of scanners capable of reading 1D, stacked PDF, and 2D barcodes and images. Highly rugged and extremely durable, these scanners have proven themselves suitable for harsh industrial and hazardous areas.


What kind of tracking would best suit my needs?

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