Waste Disposal Plant Monitoring case study

Extronics was approached to supply a CCTV solution for waste disposal plant monitoring – tipping drums into a large shredder machine in a zone 1 area.

An operator located at ground level could then intervene via a Zone 1 certified control and display monitor to eliminate the possibility of a blockage in the process.

SRMĀ is a company that helps its customers solve their organic wastes disposal problems primarily through recycling or energy recovery routes. SRM produced the first drum-handling machine in Europe (known as DHP1) specifically designed for the removal of liquids, sludges and solids from a variety of containers. The drum plant utilises shredder technology to ensure complete destruction of the container and removal of its contents. The shredded container components are washed before being removed from the resultant waste mixture. The metal shred can then go for metal recovery and the organic waste mixture that is left is forwarded for incorporation into Cemfuel (a secondary liquid fuel used as a replacement for fossil fuels for cement kilns) or for use on one of SRM’s solvent recycling facilities.

This first plant proved an immense success when it was brought into action at SRM’s Morecombe site, so a second drum plant, specifically designated for organic solid wastes, was subsequently designed and installed.

Occasionally the conveyor based system feeding the drums to the shredder suffered a blockage when more than one drum snagged up the system which resulted in an unwelcome and costly stoppage of the operation until the blockage was cleared which had substantial cost implications to SRM that were clearly undesirable.


iVID101 with video displayiCAM100CCTV monitoring


The monitor was supplied with a number of push buttons and emergency stops to facilitate the operational procedure for the drum tipping process and allow it to be stopped if a problem was observed which could result in serious blockage and extensive downtime. Operators were then able to clear the shredder or remove the drum preventing and extensive period of down time.

One iCAM100 fixed focus CCTV camera was at the point where the drums are tipped into the shredder and a second camera was located further down the drum shredding path at the heart of the system.

The compactness and light weight of the iCAM100 meant that it was easy to install and manipulate without the need for substantial bracketary offering a simple but effective solution to keep the process operational.

The iCAM100 provided a relatively low cost solution and eliminated a potentially high cost problem.